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In a world where two billion people use Facebook every month and 500 million Instagrammers use the app every day the odds of getting your brand noticed in this socially connected world seems daunting. Attention is the new currency and marketing on these platforms is a full-time job.

Data without direction is unhelpful.

There is a seismic change in how we promote ourselves (and our business) online. To be seen by a sizable audience on Facebook and Instagram you almost always have to invest in paid ads. The good news is social media marketing can be a low-cost investment that gives you real time results so you can easily refine your strategy. Social Media platforms allow you to target specific consumer demographics with ads that hold their attention.

It’s all in the details, except when it isn’t.

Taking the DIY approach to building your website or marketing your brand online is practically a full-time commitment. Hiring a freelancer can help keep your costs low, as long as you find the right talent. Extra features, hidden service requirements and upsells can quickly increase a project budget. We’ll work together to develop a clear scope of work, set milestones and deliverables.

Here's how I can help:

Custom Websites

Beautiful, professional websites that look great on any device, are easy to update and SEO friendly. Hosting and support included.

Digital Marketing

Reach your audience through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps.


Tracking the right information and actions can deliver insight to help conversions. Using a variety of tools like Google Analytics, heatmaps, visitor recordings, conversion funnels, form analysis, feedback polls and surveys we will work together to determine a course of action.

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A passionate digital technologist with over 20 years experience helping small businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofits build custom websites, develop ecommerce sites, and launch digital marketing campaigns.